The meaning of life is to give life a meaning

I am Gini van den Berg, visual artist. I work in a figurative-expressionistic style.

In my work I deal with themes that move me and that are – not only for me – leading life themes. Themes like self-esteem, identity, femininity, the balance between the inner world and the outside world, connection, freedom and finding yourself within turmoil are an endless source of inspiration. I work on these themes out of my own, unique singularity.

By drawing, painting and creating ceramic objects, I become more aware of my inner world. It leads to a deeper connection with myself. Also it lets me reflect on processes which take place within and outside myself. In such a way I can experience on an deeper level.

My works are an manifestation of the emotions and thoughts about myself and the world around us. They are about contradictions, vulnerability, and (dis)connection. As I create I connect myself with my polarities, my values and desires. This brings – figuratively speaking and literally – meaning, guidance, colour and joy in my life. In my work I search for the compliant human beauty, colors, proportions and nuances for these contradictions and I strive to give meaning to the duality, or even try to overturn them.

It is my aspiration to inspire others, to touch and move them with my drawings, paintings and ceramics. Do I succeed? Please let me know!

My background

Since my childhood I have been searching for ways to express myself in a creative way. When I was young I did this through drawing, designing my own toys and clothes. I come from a down-to-earth, warm family of do-ers, from the north of the Netherlands, from whom I received my maker mentality.

As an artist I am also influenced by my education and training to become a General Social Scientist and work as a Communication-consultant. My fascination with intra-personal and social processes has been fuelled ever since.

Besides an orientation-course at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie I have completed the two-year education ‘Interior-styling and design’ at Academie Artemis, Amsterdam. Education in the field of design, concept development, abstract painting, portrait drawing and ceramics have brought me to be the artist that I am now. I travel often and am inspired by the different cultures, religions and artforms of the world.

I am always learning, a work in progress myself. I enjoy the now and looking forward to the future. I hope to meet you there. Please contact me if you are interested in my work.